Content marketing; the cold, hard facts

You don’t have to do any content marketing, no one is going to force you. But in my humble opinion you’d be doing yourself and your business a great disservice if you don’t.

And to be honest, you’re probably doing it already, you just don’t know it yet.

But before we get into all that, there are a few reasons why I would recommend you don’t do content marketing – I know, sounds contradictory  based on what I’ve just said, but hear me out.
You know the old adage, you get out what you put in (or something along those lines)? Well that’s certainly true for content marketing.
If you don’t have the time to do it well and do it consistently, then I’d suggest you don’t start, or better yet get someone else to do it for you, like for example, ah-hem, a content marketer.
Another reason to not partake would be if you had the intention to churn out any old rubbish (granted you may not intentionally set off to do this), because that’s not going to cut it, it’ll be a waste of time and a waste of resource (or, in other words money).
Anyway, with that in mind let’s swiftly move onto why you should get yourself on the content marketing gravy train, starting with some stats:
  • Content marketing generates 3 x more leads then inbound marketing
  • Good content marketing leads to 7.8 x more site traffic
  • 200 million people now use ad blocking software
So, as you can see there’s some pretty compelling evidence as to why, but what about how?
When it comes down to it, content marketing is really about storytelling and the chances are you’re doing this already. Don’t believe me?
How about when you tell your customers why they need your best selling product in their life? Or when you prepared that killer pitch to secure a new client, which brought your brand story to life? Or the insightful Twitter conversation you found yourself having with that industry thought-leader?
Put these down on metaphorical paper and you’ve got yourself an abundance of great content marketing material.
It doesn’t have to be difficult, it doesn’t have to be revolutionary; it just needs to connect with your target audience and tell your story in the best way you know how.

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