This week’s roundup of outstanding content…

This week I have expanded my knowledge in various areas, including Jim Kwik’s FAST techniques to learning quicker, so all being well I’ll be learning a whole lot more next week!

But here is the content that stood out to me as outstanding – is that grammatically correct?
1. I enjoy Turndog, mainly because the guy comes across as real and authentic and he talks about some interesting topics (which always helps).
I particularly enjoyed this brand stories round up he published – yes I know it’s five years old but good insights don’t age…too much.
3. Another wonderful article from Enchanting marketing and before you ask, no I’m not in any affiliate marketing situations with Hanneke, I just think what she writes is really, really useful.
This article around using abstract and concrete expressions to make copy more compelling, is no exception.
4. This is a great little tool to use when you’ve used the work ‘unique’ too many times (or any other word; ‘unique’ is just the one I think most people use a lot, which is ironic really, given it’s definition). Anyway, I digress.
5. One of my favourite subjects to write and read about is company culture, as you may have guessed from reading the rest of my blog.
I thought this round-up of blogs on company culture was really great. And also gave me lots of food for thought.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on my weekly round-up…

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