Outstanding content that I consumed this week.

In a shameless copy of Tim Ferriss’ “5 Bullet Friday” (because everyone knows imitation is the best form of flattery), I will be sharing the best content I have come across each week for your perusing pleasure. Because, well, it’s just too good not to share.

In a slight twist, and in an attempt to claw back some distinction from Tim; I won’t be putting a number to my list, it’ll change each week depending on what I’ve discovered.  Revolutionary I think you’ll agree.

  1. Might be late to the party here but I just discovered the moth. Storytelling has been a buzz word in marketing for a few years now, so where better to find inspiration on how to do it well, then by hearing real people, tell real stories with heart, passion and honesty.
  2. This podcast by Tim Ferriss had so many amazing takeaways. I would say my favourite pearl of wisdom was from Adam Robinson on the key to success. “Find something that no-one thinks about, and start thinking about it”. Sounds vague I know, so you’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear the context, but it’s worth it, I promise.
  3. If you’re a copywriter (or even if you’re not actually!), download “21 Easy Tips to Turbocharge your web copy and win Customers” from Enchanting Marketing You won’t be disappointed.One that really resonated with me is the ’slight nod’ concept. The premise is that if you can make your reader give a slight nod in agreement when reading your sales copy, you know that; firstly you’ve nailed your customer profile and secondly that they’re much more likely to read on and make a purchase. Gold advice if you ask me.
So there you have it, this week there are three recommendations, but its quality, not quantity.
Tune in next Friday for more where they came from and in the meantime let me know what you thought to this curation.

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