Want a strong brand: it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Companies can be so busy thinking about how they’re seen by their customers, their stakeholders and even their competitors, that they can forget that perhaps the people it matters most too is their employees.

It’s kind of like forgetting to meet up with your friends for a coffee, because you’re too busy uploading posed selfies of yourself getting ready to set off.
I worked for a number of years in corporate events, where events are held to communicate with staff, whether it be to inform, inspire, motivate or educate, so I’ve seen how from the big globals, right down to the startups, play the internal branding game.
In my experience communicating and getting your employees on board with an internal brand personality and message, is just as important as what you’re advertising to the outside world, if not more so. Yet its surprising how many companies, good companies, brand savvy companies, just don’t get it.
So where’s the tell-tale sign that a company is an internal branding powerhouse? Job applications. If a business has a strong internal vision that it’s proud of, it wants to protect it. And that means hiring right. Companies need to make sure they’re hiring employees who are onboard with, and aligned to their own values – just like a beautiful friendship.
A great example I saw recently was a job advertisement for Hoot Suite (https://hootsuite.comWe believe that culture is the compass to success and so our culture manifesto is woven into the fabric of all we do.
One of the first I look for in any business I’m looking to work with is what is their value system? What makes them get up in the morning? Whats their passion and what’s their personality, but thats only half the story.
Let’s take it one step further, showing off about a well-thought-out vision to anyone surfing get net is the tip of the iceberg. I want to be able to walk into the office and smell those values in the air (and see it in the communal areas!). I want to be able to ask anyone from the office manager to the Creative Director, to the CEO and them be able to tell me what that business stands for.
That’s what living and breathing your brand is all about – it’s what’s going on behind closed doors. So when those doors are flung open on a Monday morning you march forth with one vision and a workforce that is thick as thieves.
I want to hear what you’ve got to say on this topic too!

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